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French eyewear manufacturer since 1810

The LAMY family is one of the families that have contributed to the development of the eyewear industry. 
Louis Félix Lamy, born in Les Rousses in 1779, founded the company in 1810. The export of handcrafted eyewear meet its first successes on the international markets.

Thanks to their passion and family know-how, the heirs brought the company at the top of the eyewear industry.

In 1970, L'AMY was the French leader with a production of 1.2 million frames per year, 75% being exported.
In 1978, the subsidiary L'Amy INC has been created in Connecticut, in the United States, to grow the distribution of the company's eyewear collections overseas.

The know-how of the L'AMY group is a reference in the eyewear Industry. Its reputation attracts the interest of renowned brands for the production of their optical and sunglasses collections.

From the 1980s, the company focused exclusively on the manufacture of licensed eyewear, with particular attention paid to the quality of the frames, their design, price and service.


Proud of its heritage and roots in the Jura region, the company made a matter of principle to develop a part of its collections in Made in France, standing as a French eyewear manufacturer and meeting the needs of opticians, but also nurturing its know-how within its factories.

In 2017, the Lamy Group took over the Henry Jullien company and founded the Henry Jullien manufacture with the goal of developing a production facility for exceptional materials and treatments.


In 2018, Henry Jullien Manufacture was awarded the prestigious "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label.


Eyewear L'AMY LUXE a heritage of excellence

The beginnings of the French Eyewear Industry
The history of eyewear in France began in 1796 in the Haut-Jura when Pierre-Hyacinthe Casseaux, a farmer and nail maker, started making frames from his nails.

Around 1800, this technique was taken over by several Jurassian families, including the LAMY family, who developed this eyewear know-how step by step, writing the history of a family, a region and a profession: eyewear manufacturer.

It is in the Haut-Jura, and particularly in the small town of Morez, that the cradle of the French eyewear industry is located.

The development of eyewear

French eyewear manufacturers and their know-how have been becoming more and more international and the eyewear factories in the Jura have been exporting their eyewear production all over the world.


In the 1900s, the eyewear industry has been growing and materials diversified. The first acetate glasses appeared.

It is the golden age of the nose clips, binoculars, wire glasses...


Today, optical and sunglasses have become fashion accessories. The shapes, colours and materials are increasingly diversified.

The steps of creation

The creation of the frames is the result of a collaboration between the product design teams of the L'Amy group and the style teams of the brands.

Once the design and the colour selection steps have been validated by the marketing department, the project is sent to the technical teams in order to apply their know-how on all the steps necessary for the realization, assembly and finishing of the frames.

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