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The Magnetic MG-86 capsule collection, developed in collaboration with JAM Vision, extends the initial consumer target to a more urban and lifestyle one, with addition of eco-responsible concern, and a bit of sport fashion spirit.

Thanks to additive manufacturing of the 3D printed fronts, temples laser cut in 100% recycled stainless steel, optimized for a made on demand production, the eco-impact is reduced as much as possible.

To make it perfectly reliable, it embeds a patented magnetic hinge. Requiring only two Neodymium magnetic pieces, this revolutionary hinge composed of 2 Neodym pieces provides life lasting friction, with no risk of loosing screws and temples.


The heart of the McLaren Vision collection. The Graphite GP-76 line shares the same innovative spirit as the Ultimate collection and incorporates the exclusive 180° rotative lug and the elastomer temples.

The front face is featuring 3D printing technology with PA12 Graphite loaded material, composed of more than 600 layers with a temperature control for each one of them.

This material is 24% lighter than acetate for ultra light fronts, which, when combined with the silicone pads, provides an absolute comfort.


The small extra touch of color that makes your frame so unique!

The MS-85 Sport series adorns itself with a whole new range of colors. Mono or bi-colors, orange or blue, light or dark, you'll just have to choose which one suits you the best.

Find your perfect match and reveal your personality !

The hinge is reinforced and integrates a traditional closing and opening mechanic.

The bi-color temple is coming as a brand new element created specifically for the Sport series, and offering new color options its wearer.

The adjustable tip allows the frame to suit every face in every circumstance, and brings a unique comfort and a perfect outfit.