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Rochas is a style above all – a vision of a slender, elegant and bold Parisian woman. This femininity imbues every creation, from fashion to fragrance, from accessories to jewellery. Grace, youthfulness and joy are woven into the history of Rochas – with the rustle of lace or a floral fragrance trail, the Maison invents a free-spirited allure and a chic fluidity. A creative world of perfect balance between seduction and liveliness, discretion and fantasy.


Marcel Rochas was only 23 when he founded his own Couture Maison in 1925. The post-war period was bubbling with creativity and the couturier quickly made a name for himself among the great luxury Maisons of Paris.

Rochas' style – synonymous with elegance, modernity and youth – was distinguished by the originality of his silhouettes. He invented beach pyjamas, the mermaid dress and the “guêpière”, earning himself a reputation as a trailblazer.

Women loved Marcel Rochas designs for their freedom of movement and flattering sculptural shapes, and he became the darling of celebrities who helped promote his signature looks, like Marlene Dietrich, Tamara de Lempicka, Joan Crawford and Mae West.

He was among the earliest couturiers to create his own fragrances and dedicated the most sensual of them, Femme, to his wife Hélène, with its legendary bottle decorated in black Chantilly lace.

After her husband's death in 1955, Hélène Rochas led his fragrance empire on to greater success with the introduction of Madame Rochas, L'Eau de Rochas and cosmetics lines.

1990 marked a great Couture comeback for the Maison Rochas. The first collections were designed by Peter O'Brien, followed by Olivier Theyskens (2002), Marco Zanini (2008) and Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Creative Director of Fashion since 2013.

2015 saw the 90th anniversary of Rochas, celebrating nine decades of design inspired by its founder's creative style – the sculptor of contemporary women whose House is constantly reinventing the inspiration of elegance.


Under the direction of designer Alessandro Dell’Aqua since 2013, Rochas fashion brings a contemporary spirit to the Maison's long tradition of elegance. Flowers, birds, embossed fabrics and lace inlay – joyfulness, ease and femininity are woven through the seasons and the collections.

Summertime, boldness and light bring a radiant "je ne sais quoi" to the sporty vitality and festive holiday mood, in the true tradition of youthfulness that underlies the Rochas style. Overlaid lines, bead-embroidered kaftans, tulle and macramé, lingerie – whimsical embroideries are imbued with a whisper of surrealism instilled by the distant remembrance of Gala and Salvador Dali.

In winter, sophistication and lightness join together in a contrasted, loose silhouette. Fabrics are ultra-feminine, with silk crêpe, mousseline, ruched cigaline, flounces, stitching and pleating. A delicate ode to the stylistic grammar of Rochas – the language of flowers – whose embroideries in gold thread stir the senses on coats made of Japanese wool and double cashmere.


The very earliest fragrances created by Marcel Rochas date from 1936. Keeping the couturier's vision, “Air Jeune”, “Audace” and “Avenue Matignon” inaugurated a chic, young Parisian style that was to become the olfactory signature of the Parfums Rochas.

Marcel Rochas teamed up with the great perfumer Edmond Roudnitska to fulfil his dream of shaping women's olfactory trail in the same way as he shaped their silhouettes. This unique collaboration gave birth to the legendary fragrance “Femme” by Rochas, a celebrated floral, structured around a chypre and with fruity and spicy notes. Well ahead of its time, this gourmand and sensual perfume launched in 1949 won the accolade "world's best fragrance". Besides the scent, there was the bottle: a genuine couture object sheathed in the black Chantilly lace that has since become one of the Maison's style codes.

Like an olfactory expression of couture, the Parfums Rochas invent a contemporary woman. She wears L'Eau de Rochas, the first women's Cologne in the history of perfumery, whose delicate and lively freshness springs from a delicious impertinence, at the source of the Mediterranean coast – the Riviera of the 1950s, chic, carefree and bold. It radiates timelessness.

The great classics of perfumery, from Madame Rochas (1960) to Tocade (1994), from Moustache (1949) to Monsieur Rochas (1969) and more recently Rochas Man (1999), belong to a common tradition of chic and refined style.


A Maison spirit that is now creatively expressed in the eyewear collections.

They are worthy descendants of the Maison Rochas' "frivolities" of yore, when Marcel Rochas was designing his first fashion accessories. Rochas eyewear of metal or acetate is crafted with delicate finishes and attention to detail, using traditional know-how. An ode to the chic, refined femininity of the Mediterranean coast so dear to the couturier's heart, and redolent of the Riviera in the 1950s.  An ode, too, to springtime and to the powerfully symbolic dove that Marcel Rochas employed as a motif on his long sheath dresses. A bird emblematic of freedom and lightness, that brings a graceful elegant to the look.


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