Production of glasses


Born in 1979 from an encounter between street culture and the American Way of Life, the French brand CHEVIGNON creates a complete wardrobe for men by reinterpreting its icons such as the flight jacket, down jackets, the teddy, and bomber jackets. Far from the dictates of fashion, CHEVIGNON proposes an extensive premium sportswear collection, renewed each season with a unique style and products made to last as the running themes.

The urban CHEVIGNON man, comfortable in his era, wears his look well, perfectly combining modernity and timelessness.

Reflecting the style of the CHEVIGNON man, a man of his times who likes to combine appearance and casualness, the Chevignon glasses collection comprises a number of ranges, including an optical collection for men of 25-45 years of age featuring trendy and vintage styles, a junior optical collection for boys of 8-12 years of age that reflects the codes of the brand, and a sunglasses collection imbued with the brand's DNA for a contemporary look or a more classic, timeless feel.

Styles are urban and contemporary for adults and more streetwear for juniors, reflecting the tastes of our different target markets. With 36 years of history behind it, CHEVIGNON is bringing a breath of freedom and a casual air to the worlds of fashion and eyewear